We do have a tent

Sigh. had to go buy one “that will do” because I gave my tent/home (light weight, 3 sections, snap/bend rods) away thinking I did not want to pack it (the container/bag was large because it initially came with included 4 chairs, etc etc.)

Did you know Six Flags over Texas (in Arlington) will allow you to buy a “season dining pass” for about $85 a person? Gives you lunch and dinner and a snack through December 31, and they are open 7 days a week from 10a to 11p. So guess where we will be eating for the most part? I figure within 4 weeks we will have spent $85/week on groceries.

Evelina–I will email you offline. Lisa–I have thought about a fridge, for all the pluses you mentioned. But moving it from place to place every 4 days is something I haven’t quite worked through yet.