Kathy, been there done that for an entire summer back in the year Yellowstone burned so bad

Our tent was a canvas one made for reenactments. If your kids are anything like mine later in life they will tell you it is the best summer vacation they ever had.

In our day to day life today I use a LOT of dehydrated foods including meats and dairy products from Honeyville grains. While we prefer the refrigerated type from the local grocery the dehydrated is tasty enough dh has asked me to stock our retirement camper with it.

I personally find the ground beef a little grainy, kind of like the texture it gets when you cook gb in water. Sausage was fine and be careful yo not over soak the cheese. We love all the fruits and veggies

Other meals. Dump soup take 7 cans of various things veggies, tinned meat, chili, beans whatever. Dump the entire contents of the cans together and heat. Add pasta, rice or leftover cooked meat. It is good and does well as a leftover

The wonders of jarred pasta sauce, pesto, alfredo sauce etc over pasta of any sort.

Don’t cringe, but some tinned meats are really quite good. Think Spam, which comes in a lot of flavors, DAK canned hams, chili, tamales, chicken, fish of all sorts. Pair them with instant hash browns, mashed potatoes, rice or pasta as stand alones, or in hashes, soups, casseroles. You don’t have to use hamburger in hamburger helper.

Pancakes, Bisquik sells a just add water shaker. Warning, my family hated the walmart version of it. Works for dinner as well as breakfast.

On the subject of campgrounds, many have a 2 week limit. Others give a discount if you stay longer. Still others will let you camp for free if you will do so many hours camp maintenance for them.