Am I having fun yet?

I just need to wallow in a puddle of self-pity for a minute. Like my schedule isn’t already tight enough, yesterday the head gasket blew in the truck. That would be the truck I was planning on moving to Texas with, in 9 days. I can get it fixed to the tune of $1200. And then worry about whether it will make it there. Not to mention I probably can’t risk towing anything with it. Or do I take the $1200 and throw it toward a moving van, and move everything sooner rather than later. Not to mention now i have to find a place for us all to live for two weeks since moving in to a motel is out of the question. I was willing to make the splurge for 1 week while we finished up some things here, but not two.

Ok I’m done now. On to finding solutions – payday loans Florida from