Ironically, housing out there in texas is not the problem

It’s here. I called a friend who owns a moving/uhaul company. he’ll get us the same size uhaul-ish truck we were going to get for $3000 for $1900ish. That’s about the price of “fixing” the truck and buying a trailer, so I’m just going to uhaul everything out to texas. We won’t be leaving until the 20th now, but everything will be coming with us.

so at least i have the transport problem solved. a friend of ours offered to let us stay in her place for until then….it’s a huge imposition, but right now I’ll take it.

Could you borrow or buy a tent and camp for 2 weeks IF the rains ever stop in TX and OK?

One summer when dh was unemployed the kids and I traveled all summer to rendezvous where I sold custom made on site clothing for the re-enactors. We li8ved the entire summer in a tent. Between voo’s we stayed at state parks, corps of engineers and national parks for a very low camping fee. Borrow or rent a truck/van/camper for the two weeks or rent a mini storage for short term and camp.

Am I having fun yet?

I just need to wallow in a puddle of self-pity for a minute. Like my schedule isn’t already tight enough, yesterday the head gasket blew in the truck. That would be the truck I was planning on moving to Texas with, in 9 days. I can get it fixed to the tune of $1200. And then worry about whether it will make it there. Not to mention I probably can’t risk towing anything with it. Or do I take the $1200 and throw it toward a moving van, and move everything sooner rather than later. Not to mention now i have to find a place for us all to live for two weeks since moving in to a motel is out of the question. I was willing to make the splurge for 1 week while we finished up some things here, but not two.

Ok I’m done now. On to finding solutions – payday loans Florida from

Kathy, been there done that for an entire summer back in the year Yellowstone burned so bad

Our tent was a canvas one made for reenactments. If your kids are anything like mine later in life they will tell you it is the best summer vacation they ever had.

In our day to day life today I use a LOT of dehydrated foods including meats and dairy products from Honeyville grains. While we prefer the refrigerated type from the local grocery the dehydrated is tasty enough dh has asked me to stock our retirement camper with it.

I personally find the ground beef a little grainy, kind of like the texture it gets when you cook gb in water. Sausage was fine and be careful yo not over soak the cheese. We love all the fruits and veggies

Other meals. Dump soup take 7 cans of various things veggies, tinned meat, chili, beans whatever. Dump the entire contents of the cans together and heat. Add pasta, rice or leftover cooked meat. It is good and does well as a leftover

The wonders of jarred pasta sauce, pesto, alfredo sauce etc over pasta of any sort.

Don’t cringe, but some tinned meats are really quite good. Think Spam, which comes in a lot of flavors, DAK canned hams, chili, tamales, chicken, fish of all sorts. Pair them with instant hash browns, mashed potatoes, rice or pasta as stand alones, or in hashes, soups, casseroles. You don’t have to use hamburger in hamburger helper.

Pancakes, Bisquik sells a just add water shaker. Warning, my family hated the walmart version of it. Works for dinner as well as breakfast.

On the subject of campgrounds, many have a 2 week limit. Others give a discount if you stay longer. Still others will let you camp for free if you will do so many hours camp maintenance for them.

We do have a tent

Sigh. had to go buy one “that will do” because I gave my tent/home (light weight, 3 sections, snap/bend rods) away thinking I did not want to pack it (the container/bag was large because it initially came with included 4 chairs, etc etc.)

Did you know Six Flags over Texas (in Arlington) will allow you to buy a “season dining pass” for about $85 a person? Gives you lunch and dinner and a snack through December 31, and they are open 7 days a week from 10a to 11p. So guess where we will be eating for the most part? I figure within 4 weeks we will have spent $85/week on groceries.

Evelina–I will email you offline. Lisa–I have thought about a fridge, for all the pluses you mentioned. But moving it from place to place every 4 days is something I haven’t quite worked through yet.

There are tons of ideas for cooking in a camper

There are also tons of cool ideas for food ideas on interest. Do you have a tent already? Do you have a Facebook? I can seriously help you out. I have been studying pop up camper remodels, camp cooking and etc for awhile now. If you get a camper then I recommend a toaster oven. Anyway hunt me on Facebook or email me off of here. 😉

We too camp just about every vacation`

etc and have years upon years of scout leadership… If you are taking a pressure cooker or crockpot–you have access to electric.
Buy a dorm size refrigerator/freezer for around $100 and make your life easier. You won’t be able to store tons—but you will be surprised at what you can fit and it will make all the difference. For the dorm fridge– I recommend getting one that has a separate freezer door on top…not inside the fridge.

Just a suugestion.